Notable Commentators

Omar Bham

It’s easy to understand why Cyypt0 News channel on YouTube has so many subscribers and live viewers that tune in for episodes. Omar’s easy-going delivery of crypto news is always informative with valuable highlights and he keeps it brief. As the channel host, his interviews on relevant crypto topics keep the community up-to-date. The channel runs daily and includes a quote of the day that reinforces a relevant newsworthy event.


There’s a wealth of information available at where Michael shares opinion and insight on blockchain developments with a knack for impartial commentary. His Boxmining channel on YouTube has a loyal subscription base where he features global news happenings, blockchain technology developments and reviews on crypto topics like hardware wallets and exchanges.

Before investing in a cryptocurrency coin I always watch the Boxmining video detailing the functionality of the coin and his option about it.

Tai Zen

Tai Zen was the pioneer that encouraged crypto adoption. He created one of the very first YouTube channels to encourage his friends to buy Bitcoin. The series of step by step bitcoin investment videos paved the way for his widespread global following. His mantra still rings true today, “If you want to make money, you will need to learn how to go about achieving that goal.” Tai Zen gives credit to a former boss, a CEO at an energy brokerage company, that introduced him to Bitcoin insisting Tai read the Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper. Leon is Tai Zen business partner providing additional technical input for many cryptocurrency project reviews.

The link includes a vast crypto currency video library all very educational, interesting and blunt

CNBC Crypto Trader

Ran Neuner hosts CNBC Crypto Trader channel broadcasts content to a worldwide audience.