Advanced Crypto Features, Displays and Signals

Trading pros, portfolio managers and research analysts count on Quantify Crypto analytics and signals to make informed decisions.

Premium Crypto Displays and Signals

Cryptocurrency markets are volatile, trade differently from other asset classes and are hard to follow. Successful trading requires automated tools and signals to track and identify significant price points when they occur. Quantify Crypto delivers a platform intelligently designed to track and analyze the fast-moving crypto market. Our cutting-edge displays and features are always monitoring the most frequently traded cryptos, providing real time price analysis. We are a trusted market data site that helps identify entry and exit price points, so users can buy at the bottom and sell at the top.

Powerful Coin Screener

Gain a competitive edge using a versatile cryptocurrency screener. Identify potential entry and exit points using our advanced sorting and filtering features. Use the interactive “favorite coin” to align with your portfolio holdings. Our screener is fully customizable with more metrics, signals, and timeframes than Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko and others.

Defi Tools

Our first DeFi project for EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Finance is the “Aave Pro Trader” Interface. The EVM platform uses the identical Aave V2 smart contracts audited by offer visual displays, software frameworks, and metrics computed by Quantify Crypto. We have also added detailed wallet balances, loan positions and transaction history to facilitate the user experience. Additional features include price trends; support and resistance levels; and live prices.

Bullish and Bearish Signals

Quantify Crypto delivers a web-based dashboard to signal potential entry and exit conditions allowing users to view the real-time price trends as they happen. Our proprietary trend algorithm initiates bullish and bearish alerts for Bitcoin, Ethereum and the leading altcoins. Automatic monitoring of significant price points and momentum changes makes this one of our most popular products.

Coin Price Analysis

Take a deep dive into coin price analysis for a favorite crypto or for coin discovery. Each crypto has its own dedicated page containing proven metrics, bullish and bearish signals, news, a price chart and more. The coin pages provide in-depth details that help identify opportunities and risks, enabling users to react proactively.

Smartly Scaled Heatmaps

Keeping track of the fast-moving crypto market can be challenging so our heatmap solves this problem by providing a clear market overview. Our heatmaps use color intensity to show how the entire crypto market is performing and which coins are leading or lagging. We broaden the view of market conditions by scaling down Bitcoin’s dominance while scaling up other market leading cryptos; a design that allows the maximum number of coins to be displayed clearly without the small dots.

Fastest Live Updates

Our live price and trend page displays the top 100 cryptocurrencies on a single screen. Use the “Exchange” feature to show the top coins trading on a specific exchange, for example the top 100 on Coinbase, Binance or other leading exchanges. This is an ideal page for tracking the fast-paced price changes of the cryptocurrency market. No other analytics site provides faster updating of prices and metric data as efficiently as Quantify Crypto.

Cryptocurrency Terminal

The Terminal Page provides essential professional metrics to track and analyze the crypto market with time saving displays. The layout of this page is based on feedback from professional traders that demand access to critical information for trading insights. This curated display assembles our best product features including top 20 cryptocurrencies, top 10 price movers +/-, technical score dials, and advanced analytics.