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A Quantify Crypto subscription is a comprehensive and affordable way to make informed trading decisions. Quantify Crypto offers access to exclusive price analysis algorithms designed for the fast-paced cryptocurrency market. To help traders make more informed decisions.

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Premium Analysis

The Quantify Crypto team analysis is based on fundamental research, technical analysis and trading experience. Updates are made frequently with news and price analysis.

The Quantify Crypto metrics have a strong track record of accurate and significant calls for bull runs and crashes:

Mar 1, 2020 - Warned about potential crash for stock and cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin was trading at $8,540 it briefly hit lows twelve days later below $4,000.
Quote from Mar 1, 2022 “You can bet, on a percentage basis, the crypto market will go down more than the stock market. The “buy the dip” opportunity will be to good to pass up“. Reference link
Apr 4, 2020 - “Bitcoin Ready to go SuperNova”. Bitcoin is trading at $7,000. Bitcoin would be trading at $65,000 just over a year later on Apr 14,2021. Reference link
May 4, 2022 – Tweeted “Resistance indicator said to sell some Bitcoin at $39,746”, a day later tweeted “not to catch a falling knife when Bitcoin was trading at $36,908”. Reference link
Jan 3, 2023 – Bearish 2022 and the Setup for a Bullish 2023. Reference link
Time your Trades with Precision
Automate your trading signals, receive alerts via pop-up, e-mail or telegram group. Real time alerts make you aware of changing market conditions.
Exclusive Research Reports
Monthly fundamental analysis on cryptocurrencies, strategies and market analysis. Our recent “23 cryptos for 2023” has been well received, click here for a sample page
Gain the Advantage of a Quantify Crypto Silver Subscription
Advanced Trading Signals
Real time TREND, SUPPORT and RESISTANCE levels should always be used when trading. Our tools assist traders to identify and select good entry and exit conditions.
Speed up and Improve your Analysis
Tracking a whole crypto market is a daunting task. The combination of our sorting and filtering with trading metrics helps determine when actionable setup conditions occur.
Reduce costly mistakes
Remove the bias, emotion, FOMO, FUD, social influence, bad predictions and other costly mistakes from your routine. Our signals predict when a massive upward cycle is about to begin or the potential for a major decline exists.
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