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As the founder of Quantify Crypto, I personally bootstrapped our startup from having no traffic to over 200,000 monthly visitors. Our biggest traffic increases were due to the SEO improvements I researched and implemented. Despite competing against million-dollar companies (see below) with full teams of web experts, we were able to achieve this success.

Technical Review - Examining the technical aspects of a website such as site structure, page speed, URL structure to ensure that they comply with best practices for SEO.
On-page Analysis - Analyzing the content of a website to ensure that it is optimized for the target keywords. Reviewing the meta tags, headings, and internal links.
Backlinks - Assessing the external factors that influence a website's SEO such as backlinks and online reputation.
Keyword Research - Researching the keywords that potential customers use when searching for products or services in a particular niche, and identifying opportunities to target those keywords on the website.
Competitor Analysis - Analyzing the SEO strategies of competitors.
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Need Proof of our Success?

Perform your own Google Search for the following terms: "Cryptocurrency Terminal", "Crypto Heatmap", "Coin Screener", "Bitcoin (or your favorite crypto) Technical Score"

We are constantly monitoring Google's core updates to understand how they're changing their ranking system. After the March 2023 core upgrade, Quantify Crypto's ranking for most terms improved. For example, the term "Coin Screener" rose from 3.3 to 1.7.

We will produce a detailed report with actionable implementation steps for your website programmer or advisor. Additionally, we will have a review session with them.

Search terms and our ranking
Cryptocurrency Terminal
  1. QuantifyCrypto (1.0)
  2. TokenTerminal
  3. LCX
  4. Sourceforge (Review article)
  5. Bloomberg
  6. Atani
  7. Slashdot (Review article)
  8. Cryptowatch
  9. Blockworks
  10. CoinTelegraph
Crypto Heatmap
  1. CoinMarketCap
  2. Tradingview
  3. QuantifyCrypto (3.5)
  4. Coin360
  5. Yahoo
  6. Cryptorank
  7. CoinGecko
  8. Coinstats
  9. Babypips
  10. Tradinglite
Coin Screener
  1. QuantifyCrypto (1.7)
  2. Coinscreener
  3. Tradingview
  4. Messari
  5. Altfins
  6. Benzina (News article)
  7. Wallmine
  8. Sourceforge (News article)
  9. Amazon (Alexa feature)
  10. Tradinglite
Bitcoin* Technical Score
  1. QuantifyCrypto (1.0)
  2. TradingView
  3. Investing
  4. Investtech
  5. InvestorsObservers
  6. CNBC
  7. CoinDesk
  8. Bybit
  9. Chainalysis
  10. CoinMarketCap