Live Cryptocurrency Market Overview

The QC 100 Index is:
0.00 % lower,
0 advancing,
0 declining, and
100 unchanged,
in the last 1 hour.

Quantify Crypto Sectors

Quantify Crypto sectors are groupings of cryptocurrencies with similar characteristics and functionality. Many cryptocurrencies have functionality touching multiple sectors; however, the Quantify Crypto sectors are designed with no overlaps. Effort has been made to assign a cryptocurrency to its primary sector function. For example, Ethereum, has been assigned to the “platform” sector; although Ethereum is often used as a currency.

Quantify Crypto 500 Index

The QC 500 index reflects the performance of the 500 cryptocurrencies tracked by Quantify Crypto. Metrics include percentage change, average Trend score, average RSI score, tallies of advancing and declining cryptocurrencies. The QC 500 is an even weighted index. Currently there are over 13,000 cryptocurrencies, the Quantify Crypto Team has applied fundamental filters and chosen 500 cryptocurrencies to track.
Quantify Crypto filtering criteria:
  1. Average daily volume of $250,000. Volume is critically important for accurate technical price analysis. Cryptocurrencies that have price movements with very little volume are vulnerable to price manipulation.
  2. Centralized exchanges (CEX) listing. Listing requirements with an approved project review is required to be listed on the leading CEXs. Each CEX has a full-time dedicated team researching and performing audits of projects.
  3. No stable coins. Stable coins are designed to match the price of a fiat currency, ideally there should be very little price movement.
  4. No wrapped or staked coins. The goal is to avoid duplication, for example, Bitcoin is included while Wrapped Bitcoin is not included. Bitcoin and Wrapped Bitcoin should always trade near the same price.