A Memorable and Green Cryptocurrency Month

John Barry | Mon Mar 01 2021

Hello Everybody

February was a great month for Cryptocurrency.   On February 1st Bitcoin opened at a price of $33,054 and closed the month at a price of  $45,027, as gain of almost $12,000 !!!   Corporations were having FOMO early in the month as Bitcoin had is best single day gain on record, opening at a price of $38,588 and closing at $46,728 on Feb 8th.   A gain of $8,175 in a single day.   Just to think on March 12, 2020 Bitcoin briefly traded below $4,000.  The uptrend would continue to Feb 21st, reaching an alltime high price of $57,300.    Both Feb 22nd and 23rd had very high volitility with Bitcoin daily price swings of over $10,000. 

While the price of Bitcoin was up ~45% for the month, the Altcoin market was even stronger.   169 out of the 170 top cryptocurrencies we cover were up.   Only Curve DAO Token was down for the month, but holders are not complaining as its up 165% YTD.

Top 10 Altcoin leaders for February

Ravencoin ($RVN) +430%

Polygon ($MATIC) +345%

Binance Coin ($BNB) +330%

Pundi X ($NPXS) +287%

Terra ($LUNA) +240%

Fantom ($FTM) +240%

KuCoin Shares ($KCS) +238%

Solana ($SOL) +202%

Cardano ($ADA) +186%

Polymatch ($POLY) +163%

Sorry for less details, as we are busy adding new features.   Look for significant updates on the way.


John Barry


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