Certik's Skynet and Quantify Crypto Partnership

John Barry | Wed Jan 03 2024

Quantify Crypto and CertiK’s Skynet Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Cryptocurrency Security Scoring.

Quantify Crypto, a leading cryptocurrency screening platform known for its advanced analytics and trading tools, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with CertiK’s Skynet, the leading Web3 security rating platform. This collaboration integrates CertiK's cutting-edge security scoring system into the Quantify Crypto coin screener, significantly elevating the security assessment capabilities for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, security remains a paramount concern for traders and investors. Adding CertiK’s robust security scoring system will now be a key feature in Quantify Crypto's comprehensive screener, offering users an additional layer of insight into the security posture of various cryptocurrencies.

Combining Quantify Crypto’s advanced screening with CertiK’s expertise in blockchain security.

Quantify Crypto has incorporated CertiK’s security scores directly into its platform. These scores provide a detailed security assessment of blockchain projects, evaluating factors such as code quality, security protocols, and smart contract resilience. This integration will enable users of the Quantify Crypto screener to make more informed decisions by considering not just financial metrics but also the security aspect of their crypto investments.

About CertiK’s Skynet 

CertiK is a pioneer and leader in blockchain and smart contract verification, leveraging cutting-edge technology to conduct rigorous security audits for blockchain projects. With a focus on enhancing the safety and reliability of the digital asset space, Skynet has established itself as a trusted name in blockchain security. 

CertiK’s Skynet provides real time security scores and data insights for 10,000+ Web3 projects, making security accessible to the broader community via skynet.certik.com.

About Quantify Crypto

Quantify Crypto is a leading cryptocurrency screening platform designed for professional traders. It offers research reports, advanced trading metrics, and a range of tools to help users track and analyze the crypto market efficiently.

Use this link to see the CertiK Security Scores in the Quantify Crypto coin screener. https://quantifycrypto.com/coin-screener