February Fuels Crypto Investment Boom

John Barry | Thu Mar 07 2024

In February, the cryptocurrency market experienced a significant upturn, marking one of its strongest months during the past year, buoyed in part by the approval of the Bitcoin spot ETF. This pivotal moment opened the floodgates for substantial funds to flow into the market from Wall Street investors, many of whom exhibited signs of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). This led to an average gain of over 30% for the top 100 cryptocurrencies in February.

The story of the past three weeks has been the Meme Sector, with many up between 100 to 200%.  Just the stats from the past week are very impressive:

Currently Pepe is up 656% in the past 30 days, followed by Floki Inu +388%, Shiba Inu +255%, ArbDogeAI +232% and Kishu Inu +200%

The eight month performance charts show how cryptocurrencies we ranking highest for timeliness outperform the crypto markets.  Additionally our fundamental scores also outperform.

Cryptocurrency ranking chart for Fundamental and Timeliness resultsQuantify Crypto's research reports offer comprehensive insights into leading cryptocurrencies. Each report features:

  1. Fundamental Ranking - This evaluates the overall performance and potential of a cryptocurrency relative to its peers. Through rigorous analysis, each cryptocurrency is placed within one of five tiers based on multiple criteria. Our tier distribution ensures fair representation, with each grouping containing 20% of the total, aligning with our business model checklist.

  2. Timeliness Score - Provides insights into the cryptocurrency's current momentum and immediate prospects. This metric integrates historical price performance, current trends, project developments, and external factors, offering an in-depth understanding of the currency's market position. Unlike our ranking system, which compares positions within the top 50, the timeliness score is based on the individual criteria measurement of each cryptocurrency. Uneven distributions across tiers are common, particularly in market conditions showing collective bullish or bearish trends.

  3. Background and Fundamentals - The 'Background' section explores each cryptocurrency's inception, founding principles, and initial vision. The 'Fundamental' section details how the cryptocurrency functions, highlighting its unique features, technological framework, and functional attributes.

  4. Recent Impactful News - Covers significant news affecting the protocol, business model, user base, and legal aspects. This may include key statistics indicating the project's strengths or weaknesses.

  5. Price Analysis - Reviews price charts for the entire history of the cryptocurrency and the latest year, comparing it to Bitcoin's performance and the overall crypto market.

  6. Overall Summary - Combines all above sections and rankings to provide a comprehensive snapshot, empowering readers to make informed decisions. This summary reviews key current aspects of the researched project, offering actionable insights.

Ranking and Timeliness Performance

The effectiveness of our reports is evident in the performance of the cryptocurrencies we analyze. From July 1st, 2023 to February 29th, cryptocurrencies ranked 'very bullish' (1) for timeliness surged by 193%, while those with the highest fundamental score (1) rose by 155%. This significantly outperforms the average crypto growth of 101% in the same period. Subscribing to our reports means relying on a resource with a proven track record of cryptocurrencies that outperform the market.

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