Research and Metrics: Your Tools for Success

John Barry | Mon Jun 03 2024







May was a recovery month after April saw significant losses. Cryptocurrencies with a timeliness rating of "Very Bullish (1)" were up 24.35% in May. Cryptocurrencies with "Bullish (2)" were up 8.52%, "Neutral (3)" up 11.04%, "Bearish (4)" up 4.88%, and "Very Bearish (5)" up 5.92%.

The chart above shows the 11-month performance of the Timeliness Tracking. Cryptocurrencies assigned with a Very Bullish timeliness (1) have been the best or second-best grouping 8 out of 11 months. The timeliness ranking uses multiple metrics available with the Silver Plan on Quantify Crypto.

The Quantify Crypto Research reports continue to be very accurate and well-liked by users. In May, cryptocurrencies ranked "Best (1)" were up 14.17%, "Above Average (2)" up 19.42%, "Average (3)" up 6.42%, "Below Average (4)" up 4.72%, while "Lowest (5)" was up 5.01%.

The important pages to see the crypto markets are the "Screener," "Signals," and "Markets" pages. The Quantify Crypto Screener is considered one of the best in the crypto space with its advanced sorting and filtering options. The Signals page is used by traders to quickly see cryptocurrencies that are turning bullish or bearish.

The Crypto Markets page is one of the best resources to see how crypto sectors are performing. Users enjoy clicking on individual sectors to see how all the cryptos in that sector are performing. For example, here is an image of the Meme sector:


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