SEO Website Audit Service

John Barry | Fri Apr 21 2023

Today Quantify Crypto receives over 90% of our new customers from Google searches.   As a founder I researched and learned how to rank first for many cryptocurrency terms.   I am ready to share, teach and improve your website with a SEO Website Audit.

People use Google, and other search engines, every minute of every day to get their questions answered or to learn more about a topic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an essential component of that process.  Properly executed SEO websites target online users that are specifically looking for your business.

Google’s Goal

Like any business, Google wants to please their customers.   Google crawler bots, called spiders, access your website to index its contents so they can appear in user search requests.  It’s important that the SEO setup on your website matches the product or service you offer.  If there is a mismatch or the SEO parameters are incorrect your website will rank lower than it should.  If the SEO parameters and your website content do match, this will result in a higher customer positive interaction, which Google does track.   Websites with better customer interactions cause Google to rank those websites higher for its search terms.

SEO Website Audit and Report

To compete in search results, it's important that your technical foundation is strong. Our search engine optimization services always begin with a full website SEO audit, which involves reviewing on-page SEO and technical SEO areas. The technical areas include site performance, site structure, and indexation. The on-page elements involve content-related areas such as the user experience, metadata, URLs, and overall keyword analysis. Once our analysis is complete, then we’ll provide a full SEO audit report and custom SEO marketing strategy for moving forward.

If you’re ready to grow your business in an affordable way, then you need to make SEO settings a priority.  John Barry, the CEO of Quantify Crypto, will teach, show, and provide insight to your web designers and marketing team.

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