The Crypto Cosmos Dazzled in October

John Barry | Sun Nov 05 2023

In October, the crypto cosmos dazzled with an average gain of 11% across the board. But the true spectacle was the comeback kids of 2023—previously underperforming coins—that shot to stardom last month.

October's Crypto Celebrities - Nine digital dynamos, in the top 50 by marketcap, soared with 20% gains:

Solana ($SOL): Skyrocketed with a 66% increase, thanks to becoming the largest crypto casino in the world and seeing its NFT collection balloon by 130%.

Bitcoin SV ($BSV): Not just up by 52%, but also caught in a whirlwind of drama with nChain's CEO resigning amidst accusations, while billionaire Calvin Ayre scooped up BSV amidst the chaos.

Chainlink ($LINK): Hit the limelight again with a 39% rise, marking its second consecutive month of stellar growth.

Render Token (RND), Aptos ($APT), Bitcoin ($BTC), Stacks ($STX), Cronos ($CRO), and Internet Computer ($ICP) all dazzling fans with over 20% gains.

Unpredictable Plot Twists - In a twist no one saw coming, our "Timeliness" top-rated cryptos took a back seat as the undervalued underdogs became the MVPs of October, hinting that savvy traders might be playing the classic "sell high, buy low" game.

The Solana Phenomenon - The "Mad lads" NFT collection, part of the star cast, notched a 150% sales spike and a 48% transaction uptick. These numbers sent Solana soaring in the market standings.

BSV's Corporate Drama - nChain's leadership tussle and Christen Ager-Hanssen's departure amid heated controversies and "shadowy" corporate maneuvers had the crypto community glued to their screens, with deleted tweets adding a layer of mystery.

In essence, October was a month of thrilling rallies, dramatic turnarounds, and plot twists worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster in the crypto world.

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