QuantifyCrypto's Dual Approach: Timeliness and Fundamental Strength for Cryptocurrency Performance

John Barry | Wed Oct 04 2023

The world of cryptocurrency is rapidly evolving, discerning their true value becomes increasingly challenging. The challenge lies in identifying which cryptos are mere speculative bubbles and which ones have underlying value. Enter QuantifyCrypto, which offers two insightful methodologies to gauge cryptocurrency potential: the 'Crypto Timeliness Ranking System' and the 'Crypto Strength Ranking System'.

1. Crypto Timeliness Ranking System: A Technical Perspective

Quantify Crypto Timeliness Performance Chart - Showing Timeliness 1 performs best and Timeliness 5 has the worse performance

The 'Crypto Timeliness Ranking System' primarily focuses on price or technical analysis. It categorizes cryptocurrencies based on recent price movements, suggesting which assets might be trending in the near term. From July to October 2023, this system showcased varying performance levels across different ranks:

  • Timeliness 1, with a remarkable 31.74% gain, depicted cryptocurrencies showing the most significant momentum upwards.
  • Timeliness 2 followed suit but with a milder growth of 5.33%.
  • However, as we move down the ranks, there was a noticeable shift in momentum with Timeliness 3, 4, and 5 recording losses.

This system can be helpful for traders and investors who rely heavily on price action, momentum, and technical indicators.

2. Crypto Strength Ranking System: A Fundamental Lens

Fundamental Strength ranking for the top 50 cryptocurrencies

While the Timeliness System zeroes in on price, the 'Crypto Strength Ranking System' shifts its focus towards the fundamental strength of cryptocurrencies. It gives investors a deeper insight into the inherent value and stability of crypto assets:

  • Rank 1 observed a commendable gain of 21.97%, indicating cryptocurrencies with sound underlying value and robust fundamentals.
  • As we descend the ranks, there's an evident decrease in performance with Rank 2 and Rank 3 registering declines.
  • Rank 4 and Rank 5, representing cryptos with weaker fundamentals, saw substantial dips of 16.21% and 17.10% respectively.

This approach helps long-term investors identify cryptos with strong use-cases, solid business models and innovation, and genuine potential for future growth.

Bringing It All Together

QuantifyCrypto's dual ranking systems provide investors with a comprehensive view of the crypto market. While the 'Timeliness' model offers a snapshot of current momentum and trends, the 'Strength' system dives deeper, illuminating the intrinsic worth of crypto assets. When used in tandem, both models can significantly enhance an investor's decision-making process, balancing short-term gains with long-term value.

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